How to Change the Default Ringtone for iPhone

IOS has a default ringtone list that comes along users list, it has numerous options to make choice from, and select the tune of your choice. But sometimes users do not like to set the ringtone that comes with default iPhone ringtones. So you can choose another tune from the list.

If you are bored of “tada tun tada tun tun than ” this Apple iPhone default ringtone then you can replace it easily and set ringtone of your own choice.

How to Change the Default Ringtone for iPhone

How to Change the Default Ringtone for iPhone

Setting an incoming tone means you will be notified of your customized tone that you created for your calls. Now how can you switch to new iPhone myxer free ringtones? You need not follow a tedious way it can happen in few clicks, just go on follow the steps.

  1. Go to iPhone settings, from your device.
  2. Select sounds or it might come you as sounds and haptics.

In sounds > go to sounds and vibration pattern section. In that section, click ringtone. From the ringtone menu, you will find a list and will get to have a sight at the ringing tone list which is already there. You will know your current ringtone, as your ringtone would be having a tick mark on it.

  1. When you will scroll through this inbuilt list the will be an option into it, now it gives you option of buying a new ringtone of your choice.
  2. You can choose the alarming tones as ringtones as well, you can go to the alert tone menu to choose the ringtone of your choice.
  3. You get a previewing option before you set an alert tone. You can decide your ringing tone by choosing the one which soothes your ear.
  4. Now after you have chosen the favorite tune you should go to the sound button at the top left corner of your screen, or you can opt for another way that is after you choose the ringing tone press the home button to select it for incoming call tune.
  5. You can select the user ringtone depending on your contact as IOS gives you the feature of selecting the distinct ringtone for each contact.
  6. You can go to contact to which you want to assign a ringtone and assign it by tapping add or edit a ringtone option. And you are set to go to charm with multiple ringtones.

Each fascinating ringtones for different contacts

Having a unique apple ringer tone amuses the crowd nearby you. It marks lasting impression. As iPhone default ringing tone is its hallmark. And those who don’t want to show off iPhone can choose this, or some of you might set it for a new change, and your ears are fed up the default regular myxer free ringtones app

Check out the Video to Change Default Ringtone

I hope you like this easy replacement for, default Apple iPhone ringtone. And you surely get your another desired tone.

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